Preparing a poster or a talk / chairing instructions

There are 135 astracts accepted!

All workshop and meeting attendees are encouraged to submit an abstract to be presented at one of the poster sessions or as a talk (selection only). You do not need to register to the meeting before submitting an abstract, but you must be an IPS member to receive a travel award.

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IPS membership provides several advantages including substantial rebates on IPS General Meeting registration, job posts, the QuickCut eNewletter and friends interested in proteolysis! Furthermore, a significant proportion of the revenues raised by the IPS through membership fees goes to travel awards to trainees and young scientists to attend the IPS General Meeting. IPS membership fees are USD150 and USD50 for two years for regular member and trainee, respectively.

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Deadline to submit an abstract has passed.


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Preparing your abstract

Poster boards are 5’x4’ (Width x Height), but your poster can be smaller; posters will be affixed using provided push pins and double-sided tape


Preparing your talk

Note that 30 and 20 min. talks INCLUDE at least 5 min. of Q&As so ensure that you stay below 25 and 15 min., respectively; 5 min. ligthtning talks have no Q&A period

Please bring a poster even if you have been selected for a talk. It is always nice to further chat with speakers


If you need to run your presentation from your own laptop/tablet, bring a compatible video adaptor dongle (to VGA / to HDMI), and your power adaptor

Bring your presentation on a USB thumbdrive also

We will have laptops running PowerPoint and Keynote, remotes, and laser pointers for you

Chair instructions

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Download instruction here

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